Credit Education Bureau


On-Site Classes

Interested in hosting a class for your group or organization? The CEB has over 10 years of experience providing dynamic and impactful personal finance classes. Request a class for your group.

Financial Health Counseling

We all face financial “ills” from time to time. Unfortunately, many financial ills are often ignored or untreated. Our counselors will help you explore strategies and treatments that create a healthier financial picture. Learn More.

Financial Hot-Line

Expert advice can be hard to come by these days… Get answers to your pressing financial questions and unbiased referrals to other helpful resources. Contact the Financial Hot-Line today!

Bankruptcy Counseling and Education

Understanding bankruptcy and fulfilling the required steps as a filer can be challenging and nerve-racking. Learn more about bankruptcy and the services the CEB provides to filers.

Free Resources and Materials

Don’t waste precious time searching the internet for good financial resources and materials. The CEB has done the searching for you! Check out our latest discoveries.