Credit Education Bureau


The Credit Education Bureau (CEB) has always believed in the strength of partnerships and collaborations. Over the years we have been proud to work hand-in-hand with many different organizations, programs, and initiatives to further financial education and capability services in our community. These partnerships have created vital opportunities for consumers to receive the assistance and education they need to become empowered money managers.

Biz Kid$

Biz Kid$ is a program of the City of Rochester, NY that teaches students between the ages of 10-18 how to start and run their own business. Formed in 1998, Biz Kid$ offers three components: Biz Kid$ Camps, Biz Kid$ and Beyond Seminars, and Biz Kid$ Real. Throughout Biz Kid$, elements of financial education are delivered to students in various activities and curriculum components. The CEB works with Biz Kid$ to assist with all aspects of program and curriculum development. Visit the Biz Kid$ Website.

Rochester Housing Authority, Resident Services

The Rochester Housing Authority Resident Services program aims to assist Public Housing residents and Section 8 tenants through supportive services and advocacy. Through several training and education programs, Resident Services works to decrease dependency on government-assisted programs and improve quality of life through self-sufficiency and economic independence. The CEB partners with RHA by providing Financial Health Counseling and budgeting assistance to participants of the Resident Services program. Visit the Rochester Housing Authority, Resident Services Website.


FUTURE$ is a life-skills initiative supported by a community collaboration convened by the Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts (DSVPA). Through the combined purposes of DSVPA and the Credit Education Bureau, FUTURE$ has adopted a mission of endowing community residents with critical life and soft-skills that lead to independence and success. The main component of the FUTURE$ initiative is a curriculum born from the knowledge and expertise of the members of the FUTURE$ collaboration, and elements of nationally recognized curricula. This curriculum consists of three educational tracks containing 30 instruction modules. Each module is presented in an interactive, workshop format and requires approximately one hour of teaching time. There is also a youth version of the FUTURE$ curriculum, offering a more condensed and youth oriented approach. Visit the FUTURE$ Website.

C.A.S.H. Coach Program

C.A.S.H. – Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope – is a community coalition led by Empire Justice Center and the United Way of Greater Rochester. C.A.S.H. was established in 2002 to help low-income workers make the most of their money and build stronger financial futures. The Credit Education Bureau and C.A.S.H. have worked together since 2005 to co facilitate the C.A.S.H. Coach Program. The C.A.S.H. Coach Program utilizes a coaching model to help low-income workers improve their financial capability by learning and adopting new money management behaviors. Volunteers are trained to serve as financial coaches who work one-on-one with a low-income partner engaged in realizing as many as 3 specific and measurable financial goals over a period of 9 months. Visit the C.A.S.H. Coach Program Website.